Extensive research on Adaptogens is available by accessing the
Brekhman Research Library
Anti-Cancer Properties
Better Cognition
Combative Stress
Diabetes Type II
Enhanced Energy
Only the finest Adaptogenic herbs and
herbal extracts in the industry are available from
Sunrise Global Trading:  

~ high-quality blends
 ~ single herb extracts
        ~ dry herbs
               ~ custom formulation services
Improved Sleep
Sexual Performance
Weight Reduction/Control
If you have questions about incorporating
our Adaptogen ingredients into your own
products, please don't hesitate to
contact us.
We specialize in the formulation of Lera-based product solutions for third parties, as well as the
development of their associated marketing programs.

We have developed several product applications to easily and conveniently distribute Lera, including
coffee, tea, fruit juices, capsules, a “safe” energy drink and other custom products.