Product Applications
Extensive research on Adaptogens is available by accessing
Brekhman Research Library.
Anti-Cancer Properties
Better Cognition
Combative Stress
Diabetes Type II
Enhanced Energy
Only the finest Adaptogenic herbs and
herbal extracts in the industry are available from
Sunrise Global Trading:  

~ high-quality blends
~ single herb extracts
~ dry herbs
    ~ custom formulation services
Improved Sleep
Sexual Performance
Weight Reduction/Control
If you have questions about incorporating
our Adaptogen ingredients into your own
products, please don't hesitate to
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We specialize in the formulation of Lera-based product solutions for third parties, as well as the
development of their associated marketing programs.

We have developed several product applications to easily and conveniently distribute Lera, including
coffee, tea, fruit juices, capsules, a “safe” energy drink and other custom products.
Wholesale Products
Sunrise Global Trading, LLC is very proud that a growing number of our customers are utilizing the
LERA® Adaptogen Blend in a wide array of products with successful results.   
We are here to support these many
novel uses of our Adaptogen Blend.

We do not offer exclusive rights to
any company though we vigorously
protect all of our customers' privacy
and confidentiality.

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Coming soon, we will have a number of innovative uses for our proprietary blend in entirely new
formats.  We have perfected a non-alcoholic liquid version of LERA® that is blended with Kosher
vegetable glycerin.  In this product the water and alcohol are carefully removed at very low heat,
preserving the benefit of the Adaptogens and replacing the water and alcohol with vegetable glycerin.  

The resulting product is very stable and allows food chemists a new range of flexibility in product
design. In glycerin, the Adaptogens are active and stable.  More importantly for some is that the
delivery is slightly sweeter. The benefit is the reduced masking needed for flavoring your new
product. Even straight up, the glycerin based LERA Adaptogen Blend is palatable and provides an
interesting, slightly sweet natural herbal note. Our LERA-VG is Kosher and Vegan certified.  A
serving of the LERA-VG has been carefully calculated and designed to equal that of the original
LERA blend.  1.72 grams of the vegetable glycerin product represents the precise elemental herbal
components that were used in the clinical research studies.

Our latest innovation is LERA Adaptogen Blend in a water-soluble dry powder. The powder is created
using an ultra-low-heat technology preserving the bioactive elements in the LERA. Then the product
is extended slightly using a new product called CavaMax®, a unique and proprietary Cycodextrin
called alpha-cyclodextrin. The cyclodextrin molecule acts as a “nest” in which the elemental
adaptogens reside to help assure homogenous blended powder and much better bio-availibility.
The powder is free flowing, stable for 3 years and functional in a wide variety of formula applications
including drink mixes, diet powders, capsules and much more. The elemental serving of 395
milligrams is available in 1.5 grams of powder. A full serving (clinical trial based) can fit into two 00xl
capsules. Formula possibilities are limitless and include but are not limited to energy and sport
supplements, enhanced vitamin delivery, coffee, tea and much more.  We are proud of our products
and are ready to work with your R&D team in sharing our experience in developing a product suited
to your specific customer base.
CAVAMAX® W6 is standard grade alpha-cyclodextrin from Wacker Chemie AG. CAVAMAX® W6
with 6 glucose units has the smallest cavity of the parent cyclodextrins. It is useful for solubilizing,
stabilizing or delivering small molecules; e.g. low molecular weight, flavor or fragrance

LERA is delivered in 200-liter drums. Four drums per pallet.
Quantity pricing is available.

Pricing begins under $0.10US per serving
580 servings per liter or 19
'30-day supply' per liter
Servings used in Clinical Trials: 1.72ml

Please contact Sunrise Global Trading, LLC at or by using the      
contact page on this website for pricing and further information.

Qualified companies may request samples for R&D purposes.
LERA® is a Registered Trademark of Sunrise Global Trading, LLC
CavaMax® is a Registered Trademark of  Wacker Chemie, AG