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We have endeavored to provide information on our product
that will allow you to evaluate the benefits to be derived from the
addition of
LERA® to your products.

From time tested Proprietary Co-Extraction
to the latest technology,

LERA® Adaptogen Blend

is formulated as a food ingredient intended for further processing
in and for the enhancement of
your product!
LERA® Adaptogen Blend  
is a custom co-extract blend of ten herbs, which include adaptogens.
It is manufactured Food Grade Quality as a brown liquid
having natural
herbal essence and containing food grade ethyl alcohol and water.

We have created and combined this range of high-quality natural
ingredients whose innovative nature has been scientifically

substantiated and found to be significantly more effective
than any of the single herbs taken alone.

LERA® Adaptogens lead to homeostasis
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