It is the goal of the Brekhman Research Library to
provide the most genuine and accurate
Adaptogenic information that can be
factually and clinically proven.
By subscribing to the Brekhman Research Library, you will have
access to this continually growing database of information.
With over 100 years of research and thousands
of studies, the Brekhman Research Library is an
Indisputable source of information when it comes
to the on-going knowledge of Adaptogens.
The Brekhman Research Library is dedicated
to the memory of Dr. Israel I. Brekhman, MD
whose pioneering work in the area of natural
remedies for human health represents a mile-
stone in Adaptogenic research.

Through the Brekhman Research Library we
educate and inspire, so that good health and
long life are enjoyed by all.
The Brekhman family granted Sunrise Global
Trading, LLC the exclusive right to the use of
Dr. Brekhman's name in its business/products
and in the continuation of Adaptogenic research.
The Brekhman Research Library encompasses more than
100 years of studies as well as current, on-going research.