•  Pharmacologist
•  Research Scientist
•  Order of Lenin recipient (highest Russian civilian award)
•  Teacher

Above all else, he was a
Dr. Brekhman's dream was to develop the science of keeping everyone well to the extent that it was
possible. This science he called “Valeology” – the science of staying well. The result of his fifty years of
research is available in the form of the Adaptogenic products developed by his team of scientists.

Dr. Brekhman’s success depended upon his commitment to the science. He experienced great difficulties
including lack of funding and generally disinterested bureaucrats. However, years of dedication finally paid
off and funding began to trickle into his projects. His research gained the interest of the sports community,
military, animal research and finally the medical establishment of Russia.

From his  research Dr. Brekhman developed a protocol using Adaptogens to help diminish the effects of
alcohol.  For this President Gorbochev awarded him the prestigious Order of Lenin and the doors to
research finally opened.

Dr. Brekhman's devotion was to Adaptogens -
"The best from nature!"

1.  Safe
2.  Natural
3.  Non-specific activity but that which improves the health of the organism

         Natural Products for Everyone ... Everyday… For the Rest of Your Life!
Dr. Brekhman and his team:

Co-Extracted Adaptogens
•  Premier tonic for health and vigor
•  Designed to be used by everyone daily

Eleutherococcus – The King of Adaptogens
•  Wild Crafted to help retain natural biologically active substances

Single Herb Extracts
•  Concentrated Adaptogen extract

Products that Ensure Physical Performance
•  Tremendous restorative properties
•  Helps one achieve greatest potential
 Shortens recovery cycle, allowing extra training
•  Natural anabolic and anti-catabolic properties
•  Great for athletes of all caliber

Custom Formulations Combine Adaptogens with Vitamins and Minerals
•  Adaptogens, vitamins and minerals from the sea
•  Developed by Dr. Brekhman and his team and dedicated to his memory
•  Top 100 Products of Russia
•  Adaptogens from Eleuthero and elements from the pristine lakes of the Primorye  
•  Rich in natural humic acid
•  Developed by Dr. Svetlana Schetsova, a student of Brekhman

Topical Applications
•  Contains Adaptogens and other herbs with strong healing properties
•  Developed by the late Dr. V. Dvuzhilnyi, a favorite student of Dr. Brekhman
•  Used by Boris Yeltsen for exema

•  Natural – organically certified, Adaptogen tea
•  Developed by Victor Gladchenko, a student of Brekhman
Adaptogens, although used for centuries, remained relatively unexplored
until the mid 1940s when a group of Russian scientists took an interest in
them and began research of these amazing herbs.

For 50 years, Dr. Brekhman delved into the mysteries of Adaptogenic
herbs, uncovering incredible benefits in the areas of physical perform-
ance, stress management and concentration. In later research, it was
revealed that all Adaptogenic herbs also have anti-oxidant properties.

Many of Dr. Brekhman's own studies and articles are included as part of
the Brekhman Research Library.
Who Was Israel Brekhman?
Israel I. Brekhman devoted his lifelong work to the discovery of new formulas to promote health and
well-being. He broke ground into an entirely new area of nutrition, providing the key for achieving health and

Dr. Brekhman directed his research for more than forty years toward plants of the Russian Far East, many
of which possess remarkable attributes for naturally supporting human health. Extensive research into
these unique plants and others from around the world allowed Dr. Brekhman to completely understand and
harness their vital elements. Through this process, he laid the foundations for the study of a new class of
plants known as "Adaptogens" and paved the way for their extensive study by proteges and colleagues
around the world.