Dalkhimpharm employees 1,600 men and
women working in various buildings on the
40 acre campus.
Our partner pharmaceutical company, JSC Dalkhimpharm,
located in Khavarovsk Russia, was established in 1939.

It was formerly known as Khabarovsk Chemicals and
Pharmaceuticals Plant.
Joint Share Company
In addition to our product, LERA®, the company manufactures medicinal products and drugs, including
painkillers, anti-fever, cardiovascular, cholagogue, analgesic, anti-septic, psychotropic, gastrointestinal,
and antimicrobial drugs.

JSC Dalkhimpharm holds FDA, GMO, GMP, HACCP, and Kosher registrations and certifications, and
complies with all modern and expected standards of excellence.
Our Manufacturing Facility
employees and its campus covers about 16 hectors of property. The production of Adaptogens is only a
through-out Russia.

Sunrise Global Trading has a contract in place as the exclusive exporter from the factory. The current
contract, initiated in 2000, endures through December 31, 2020 and is renewable. Renewal periods are
10-year periods. Sunrise has staff in Russia that oversees production and helps assure product quality.
The factory is FDA registered and ISO compliant. We are very proud of our relationship with the factory
and we protect our agreement with them. The Russian Government has issued a single license in all of
Russia to our plant and to Sunrise Global Trading for the production of custom co-extraction products.