Our objective is to get our tremendous
product, LERA®, into the hands of as many
people as possible by offering high-quality
blends, dry herbs and single herb extracts,
as well as custom formulations to suit the
particular application of our clients.
Sunrise Global Trading, LLC President and
founder, Michael J. Dowling, shown in 1992
with his mentor, Dr. Israel I. Brekhman.
The Brekhman family granted Sunrise Global Trading the exclusive right to the use of Dr. Brekhman's name
in its business/products and in the continuation of Adaptogenic research.
In accordance with the wishes of Dr. Brekhman's family and to continue Adaptogenic research, we have
established the

Given this awesome responsibility, we began compiling over a hundred years of research, thousands of studies,
papers and articles, including the most current of those, as well as many of Dr. Brekhman's own papers.

By providing a continually growing database of information,
the Brekhman Research Library is an indisputable source of
information when it comes to the knowledge of Adaptogens.

American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
American Botanical Council
American Herbal Products Association
American Vegetarian Association
Institute of Food Technologists
National Association of Purchasing Managers
Medical Advisory Council = Medpedia
Since 1991, Sunrise Global Trading has supplied the health
and dietary supplement industry with the finest Adaptogenic herbs
and herbal extracts.
"Dr. Brekhman's prime objective was to create a natural product that would have
no side effects but that would benefit all of mankind
- he achieved his goal!"
-  Mike Dowling