Adaptogens are natural substances found only in a few rare plants and herbs. These plants and herbs
provide special nutrients that help the body achieve optimal mental, physical and work performance.
What Are Adaptogens

1. They are completely non-toxic to the human body
and would have no harmful or negative effects no
matter what amount or how long they are used.

2. They catalyze responses in the body to increase
the body's mental and physical performance as well
as provide resistance to stressful insults at the cellular

3. Their effect is to balance and normalize the body's
systems leading to overall homeostasis and health.
Although they are in the same category and produce
similar responses, there are many different Adaptogenic
herbs, and they can come from different countries. Each
has distinct characteristics, but all Adaptogenic herbs are
said to improve health and provide a general stabilization
for the body, allowing it to achieve homeostasis. Further,
these amazing plants contain antioxidants and can emit
a positive overall effect on the user without the dangers
and side effects of prescription drugs.

Adaptogens are natural herb products that herbalists
believe increase the body's resistance to stresses such
as trauma, anxiety, and body fatigue.
The Russian physician and pharmacologist, Dr. Israel Brekhman, and his mentor, Prof. Nicolai
Lazarev, named these natural substances “Adaptogens”. This name was chosen due to the scientific
proof of these substances' effectiveness in helping the human body to “adapt” to changes in the

Scientific studies have shown that humans and other organisms are able to adapt better and survive
longer when using these Adaptogenic herbs. In fact, these special plants have managed to survive in
harsh environments for centuries due to their unique composition of biologically active substances.
                An important question for any company considering a unique ingredient
                      is whether there is a sustainable supply and continuity of supply.

The Brekhman blend of Adaptogens is a custom formulated proprietary blend of seven Adaptogens
and three additional herbs. Together these natural plant products provide a very well researched
answer to controlling the deleterious impact stress can have on one's body. The mechanism is that
the herbs normalize the production of cortisol (hydrocortisone). Cortisol is produced in the adrenal
glands as part of an autonomic response to stress and stressors. As the quantity of stressors
increases, so does the production of cortisol. Cortisol is used by the organism to rally certain
functions to deal with the events or stress factors. The adrenals can become exhausted and fail to
produce cortisol in sufficient quantities if stressors are not dealt with over a period of time, usually
years. This is sometimes referred to as adrenal fatigue. Adaptogens have the remarkable ability to
normalize the production of hydrocortisone, that is reduce the high and dangerous output and
reverse the low output or Stage III stress as defined by Hans Selye and Dr. Israel Brekhman in their
many writings.

The importance of Adaptogens is evident. The supply and continuity of supply therefore are
important matters for discussion. The herbs used are common to the vast Primorye area of the far
east of Russia, including parts of northern China and Mongolia. Harvesting in Russia is done by
obtaining a permit requiring the harvesters to replant the harvested area with native seed from the
plants harvested. This is called wildcrafting. Each of the herbs used is in plentiful supply; however, a
watchful eye is placed on illegal and over-harvesting to help assure a supply of raw materials for
years to come.

processing facility has a capacity as currently configured to produce approximately 240,000
liters per year. That quantity represents about 142 million servings. With little added expense and
on property already owned, we have the capability to double capacity. This can be done without a
significant impact on the raw material supply.

We have the capacity to back up production in the event of a disaster that would incapacitate the
factory. The factory is the third largest pharmaceutical factory in Russia. The plant employs more
than 1600 employees and its campus covers about 16 hectors of property. The production of
Adaptogens is only a small part of the manufacturing at the factory. The primary pharmacy items
include surgery preparation kits, ethical drug production and various over-the-counter remedies that
appear in apothecaries throughout Russia.

Sunrise Global Trading has a contract in place as the exclusive exporter from the factory. The
current contract, initiated in 2000, endures through December 31, 2020 and is renewable. Renewal
periods are for 10-year periods. Sunrise has staff in Russia that oversees production and helps
assure product quality. The factory is FDA registered and ISO compliant. We are very proud of our
relationship with the factory and we protect our agreement with them. The Russian Government has
issued a single license in all of Russia to our plant and to Sunrise Global Trading for the production
of custom co-extraction products.