As Head of the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology of Adaptation, Israel I. Brekhman
worked at the Far East Science Center of the USSR in Vladivostok. Beginning in 1956, Dr.
Brekhman and his associates studied the effectiveness of the Adaptogenic plants on the basis  
of daily and seasonal changes in individuals and under different environmental conditions. The
scientific group studied 233 plants, their admixtures, and their biological actions.

Dr. Brekhman devised four elaborate computer programs to classify the plants and herbs as to
biological and toxic actions and also study the beneficial effects of the herbs.
"To prepare people for life, to make them healthy, my
whole life, I have worked toward this goal, and now, finally,
I have achieved a breakthrough. It is a complicated prep-
aration of natural plant materials, which are the best, and
the most effective ingredients I have studied in all the
years of my research. These ingredients work together in
a combination that derive additional power from the
mixture itself, a whole orchestra of ingredients creating the
complex multi-sound symphony of this life-enhancing
- Dr. Israel I. Brekhman
The Russian scientist and medical doctor, Dr. Nicolai Lazarev, was mentor to Israel Brekhman.
Lazarev and Brekhman coined the name "adaptogen", and set out on a quest to discover which
nutritional supplements would accomplish the following:

1) Help one resist the stresses of life and time.
2) Help release the wellsprings of stamina, energy and vitality.
3) Help in banishing fatigue and increase capacity for work and endurance.
4) Help in restoring body balance, mental and physical well-being.

Dr. N. Lazarev offered both a clue and direction for the quest - "Search for the answer in nature".

Dr. Brekhman conducted extensive research for more than 45 years on Adaptogenic herbs and
is considered the "Father of Adaptogens".

Dr. Brekhman formally gave Adaptogens a functional definition in 1968.
Dr. Brekhman identified a nucleus of ten groups of formulations that had therapeutic and
beneficial properties.

He and his group are the inventors and holders of 21 international patents relating to his work
in developing natural plant substances. He has published 22 monographs, several hundred
scientific articles and many books. The Soviet Union presented Dr. Brekhman with its highest
award (The Order of Lenin) in recognition of his scientific work and achievements. His work
and formulations were very important and of immense help to the Russian space program and
Russia's world class athletes.

The Adaptogen formulations help to:

1) Increase physical capacity and athletic performance

2) Restore the natural balance of the cosmonauts' physiology to cope with problems
of motion, vertigo, weightlessness, enforced inactivity and difficulties in space flight
Dr. Brekhman, who many call the Father of Adaptogens, devoted his life to the discovery and
application of natural substances that would have the greatest benefit to mankind. He was
determined to combine the herbs having the greatest benefit into one "elixir." This was a very
challenging project. The resulting blend is very stable and has been shown to have a long and
useful shelf life.
Analysis of the resulting blend surprised even Dr. Brekhman who expected that the resulting
substance would have a greater benefit than the sum of the parts. The laboratory analysis of the
stimulating activity shows that the Lera® blend has a biological benefit that is 5.5 times greater
than the sum of the parts as measured in a cocktail blend. Brekhman was satisfied with the results
and was determined that his research would now contribute to better health and well-being.
Lera® Adaptogen Blend is a
unique blend of Adaptogens combined by a
proprietary process called Co-Extraction.

Mike Dowling, President and founder of
Sunrise Global Trading, worked directly with
Dr. Israel I. Brekhman and with his team to
create the formula for the Lera blend and to
work out the complex processing methods
that are employed.
During the siege of Leningrad during World War II, young Dr. Brekhman would attend classes
by day and fight on the front at night. Margaret, and the other brave women of St. Petersburg,
would carry hot soup in buckets across the ice to her husband and the other soldiers fighting
the battles and saving the city from Nazi domination. After graduation and when the war was
over, the couple moved to Vladivostok, Russia, where together they embarked on a life’s work
that was their passion and dedication. That work being to find in nature that which will most
benefit mankind. The enormity of their work cannot be calculated and it lives on to this day.
Margaret and Israel Brekhman loved the Primorye, the vast pristine area of the Far-East of
Russia calling it “Nature’s Laboratory.” Margaret cataloged thousands of plants and helped to
identify the very few that have adaptogenic properties. The properties that help the organism
achieve its highest level of homeostasis without deleterious side effects or negative actions.
Margaret embodied the essence of science and research, tirelessly working to improve the health and well-being of her
family, all those around her and, together with Dr. Brekhman, the health of the planet. Though Dr. Brekhman is called the
Father of Adaptogens, it can be said that Dr. Brekhman would be the first to argue that he could not have done his research
and contribution without the partnership of Margaret.

That research continues to this day by those inspired by this pair of remarkable scientists. The study of Valeology, the
science of staying healthy, is named in honor of these remarkable contributors to the science of natural medicine. Some
of my fondest memories are working with Dr. Brekhman in his “Thinkalorium” where he often referred to his wife for help
with a scientific issue. Not only was Margaret extremely intelligent, but quick-witted, possessing a terrific sense of humor
and, I’ll have to mention, was an exceptional chef. Oh how I miss those many Saturday mornings on Admiral Fokina Street
where we began our day with homemade pancakes, “блины” fresh fruit from the dacha and herbal tea, punctuated by lively
discussions on the subject of Adaptogens. I cherish the memories of my Russian mother, “моя русская мать,” as Margaret
often asked me to refer to her.

We at Sunrise Global Trading, LLC are determined to continue the research on Adaptogens and to bring forward our
Adaptogen products, based on the work of Dr. Grinevich and Dr. Brekhman, to as many people on the planet as possible.

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Dr. Margaret Grinevich – Brekhman. Ph.D., M.D.
“Mother of Adaptogens”